By Veneers back a radiant smile

Many people who have for years shunned the visit of the dentist and have also cared about their inadequate oral hygiene familiar with the problem of discolored teeth and malocclusions. But also heavy smokers or coffee drinkers observed with time an increasing change in their tooth color. How good that with veneers a way are all these problems to deal with.


Veneers can almost be considered a small miracle of dentistry, because you can not only restore a bright white smile, but it can also be a little misaligned teeth, tooth gaps or uneven discoloration can be corrected. Small and Thin Veneers are applied to the special prepared tooth and can not be perceived by the patient. With them an optimal cosmetic and durable result is obtained, which was even demonstrated by a long-term clinical study. In a test phase of six years of Petienten one of the veneers were lost at only 2 percent. For this reason, the method also get the recognition by the German Society of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.


Some private health insurance companies offer a special service, even the assumption of the costs of the application of veneers. However, you must then be viewed as an acceptable treatment. If you want other hand, use veneers to beautify his teeth, which must reach into the bag itself. For a veneer about 300 EUR will be charged up to 1500 EUR depending on complexity.

However, it is worth the investment, with no comparable method can be as fast a coherent overall picture of the oral cavity to restore. A fact that many Hollywood actors have recognized and before the cameras of the world often reveal her brightest smile after a visit to your dentist. This fact also recognized dentist Dr. Charles L. Pincus who is considered one of the pioneers in the field of veneers and helped with this was still a very new procedure stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to a white smile. He already declared 1937 "A winning smile, showing a well-proportioned series of natural, gleaming white teeth, is a key factor to reach those hard to describe, all-determining characteristic, which is called personality." (Source Wikipedia http: / /


Do you dare again to show their full smile and not hide it in the future. The treatment is simple and rapidly performed in many specialty practices. This method of aesthetic dentistry can be your success.


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