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Have you lost one or more teeth, then you can consider treatment with dental implants. Tandimplanter is a relatively new method that gives you your new, full smile back without complications or after-effects. Operations with dental implants performed by a variety of dentists around Denmark.

What is a dental implant?

An implant is in this context a tool that dentists can turn to when you have lost one or more teeth. An implant is made of titanium and are thus somewhat, as you may well expect will stay fine and well over the next several decades - for when the rest of your life.

How to set up an implant?

A dental implant is a replacement for your original tooth root that you, for one reason or another no longer have - whether it's because it has rotted away, or because your dentist has pulled it out.

Your dentist will in this context immerse your dental implant in the place where your old tooth root sat. Then you need to wait some time until the implant has set itself firmly down in your mouth. Once this is done, then the dentist will put a crown on top of your implant.

What are the advantages of a dental implant?

It is in this context quite many advantages of implants, as it is important to keep in mind when choosing between an implant or an ordinary bridge.

The all big advantage of dental implants is here that you do not need to hone in on the adjacent tooth. This is otherwise necessary with a conventional bridge, which is carried out to make room for the bridge itself.

In addition, an advantage of the implants, they are uncommon durable - which again comes back to that the implant is made of titanium. Implants typically last for several decades and in many cases for life.

Studies show here that under the best possible conditions, so keep implants itself fine in 95-97 percent of cases after ten years.

Factors which could have a negative impact on your implants durability, among other things:

Excessive strain due. A hard bite
Poor oral hygiene
Weak bones
For short implants
Lost or deferred inspection

Where can you get done dental implant treatment?

Implants are special operations that can only be performed by some dentists in Denmark. Use this web to find the best and cheapest dentist who performs implant treatments in your area. Implants are not a cheap operation, so you might as well save money where you can.


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